Repair Tips ——The Inflatable Swimming Pool

No matter how hard the inflatable material is, accident always exist.

Inflatable swimming pool from Beston

Different Kinds Of Inflatable Swimming Pools

Here are some tips for you:

  • Drained the inflatable swimming pool, and open the valve to deflate the pool, and then clean the inside of the inflatable swimming pool.
  • Get a piece of patches which is 3 times larger than the damaged area and then crop it into a round shape.
  • Bottom rubber processing. Clean the damaged area and the patches, and spread glue over the cleaning area evenly. Wait until it is dry or you can dry it with a blower drier.
  •  Refill glue processing. Spread glue over the cleaning area evenly as the last step, and dry it.
  • Put the patches on the repair area, joint the patches with cleaning area slowly, and flatten it. Please be attention: Bubbles should be avoid when you paste, or else you will completely ruins all of your efforts.
  • At last, put the inflatable swimming pool on the ground flatly and press it with some heavy things for more than 24 hours.
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Attentions When Choosing Inflatable Slide For Sale

When choosing inflatable water and dry, we should consider many factors, for example, its modeling, technology and other aspects. A novel design water or dry slide is more attractive for kids. Kids are all prefer to bright color, large visual pictures, just like the spider, cartoon cars, big beautiful house and so on. These shapes will draw children’s attention. There are several tips for you when choosing the inflatable wet and dry slide.

Different kinds of inflatable slide

Wholesale Inflatable Slide With Lower Prices

  • Firstly

We can choose the novel inflatable water or dry slide, lots of huge commercial grade  inflatable water slides for sale from Beston are designed according to this standrad. We design the slide for many characters. For example, the frozen, the spider, cars and also design some obstacle course on the slide to challenge and exercise the kids. Because of its target user, we should also pay more attention to its security. Sealing is a vital factors when you choosing a quality inflatable slide. You should check it before buying it. First, you can flatten the uninflated slide, and then to observe whether the prints are clear and plain, whether the weld seams are close enough, is there something wrong with the appearance, is it dirty or yellowing. You should also wipe the surface of the film to check if there is discoloration occurs.


  • Secondly

After the examination, you can charge the air in. When the inflating process is over, the inflatable slides for sale should present you a full shape, be able to stand steady and never upside down on the ground. Some giant water slides for sale should have a center of gravity and after the adjustment the tilt should be clear. The inflated commercial kids or adults water slide should be smooth and have no significant depression and wrinkles. You can press the inflatable with your hand slightly, if the inflatable slide is ok, you may hear nothing.

  • Thirdly

The inflated water slide should keep on standing for at least 5 minutes to further check if there is something wrong with the slide.

  • Last but not the least

If the above examination is normal, it is the time to unplug the gas nozzle plug to let the toy deflate naturally, if you don’t press, it should be able to keep the air for a short period rather than discharge immediately.

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Problems When You Choosing Bounce Houses

Summer holiday is coming, kids will be set free to enjoy a long vacation. Because of the high temperature, lots of kids will be likely to go to the water park. Many parents will go to whatever extremes necessary to keep their children entertained. One option that is certain to be good for hours of fun is inflatable bounce house. It is time to prepare more entertainments for little kids. But the first question is

Where to buy a bounce house?

With the development of our technology, most of buyers will search online, it is convenience and cheaper than the physical factories. There are many inflatable manufacturers in this field.

Which manufacturer will you choose?

Choose a professional inflatables manufacturer, check if there is rich experiences,certifications and post-services.

Bounce houses from Beston

Commercial Grade Kids Bounce House From Beston

How to buy bounce houses? You should consider these factors:

  • What sizes bounce house moonwalk do you need? What is the budget?

Inflatable bounce houses are designed to be placed on a flat, grassy surface. Before your decision, just measure out the amount of space you have available.

  • How much do bounce houses cost?

It range from 100+ to 200+ yuan per square meter according to its materials and theme design.

  • What’s the load or how many kids will be bouncing at one time?

Number of kids is important for you to choose the inflatables. Because if lots of kids will be bouncing at the bounce house, you should note the manufacturers, and they will use the thicker PVC tarpaulin to add the weight.

  • How durable is the bounce house?

This is one of the most vital questions. Everyone wants to buy a durable and quality inflatable. So when you choosing an inflatable, check it carefully. Generally speaking, most of the inflatables could be use about one hundred thousand times, if keep maintaining, the lifespan will be extend.


How To Choose Large Inflatables?

Before purchasing the inflatables,  you should make a clear distinction on them. Inflatable equipment mainly include inflatable toys for kids, home and commercial bounce house, bounce combos, inflatable water slide, inflatable fun city, inflatable pools, tents, inflatable blob and so on. All of these inflatables are made from PVC, and used for playing by the amusement parks, backyard owners for the Children. Because of this, the equipment should be safe enough. But how to choose quality and cheap inflatable equipment for your Business?

Commercial inflatables for sale from Beston Slide

Different kinds of inflatables for sale from Beston

Following are some tips for you:

First of all, the inflatable equipment manufacturer you choose should be normal.

 Nowadays, the industry of inflatable toys developing fast and there appears lots of manufacturers and suppliers in this field. Only normal manufacturers could promise the high quality of the products they produces and the all round post or pre-services, for example, how to fill up with the inflatables and how to protect the inflatables and promise your equipments a long life span and so on. Large normal inflatable equipment manufacturer and suppliers could give you the wholesale price other than extra money.

Secondly, the produce processes should be professional.

Lots of inflatable amusement equipment company are granted by the normal inflatable manufacturers, they don’t have any profession technician and skills. They just keeping busy on producing the inflatable toys to make more profits. Just because of its in-normal , the quality may be can compared with professional manufacturers and suppliers.

Last but not least, the experience of the worker is very important.

Rich experiences is a vital factors for quality products. And the worker who have rich experiences will try their best to promise the quality of the inflatables they produce. So if you want to find quality products, the worker is really very important.

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