Problems When You Choosing Bounce Houses

Summer holiday is coming, kids will be set free to enjoy a long vacation. Because of the high temperature, lots of kids will be likely to go to the water park. Many parents will go to whatever extremes necessary to keep their children entertained. One option that is certain to be good for hours of fun is inflatable bounce house. It is time to prepare more entertainments for little kids. But the first question is

Where to buy a bounce house?

With the development of our technology, most of buyers will search online, it is convenience and cheaper than the physical factories. There are many inflatable manufacturers in this field.

Which manufacturer will you choose?

Choose a professional inflatables manufacturer, check if there is rich experiences,certifications and post-services.

Bounce houses from Beston

Commercial Grade Kids Bounce House From Beston

How to buy bounce houses? You should consider these factors:

  • What sizes bounce house moonwalk do you need? What is the budget?

Inflatable bounce houses are designed to be placed on a flat, grassy surface. Before your decision, just measure out the amount of space you have available.

  • How much do bounce houses cost?

It range from 100+ to 200+ yuan per square meter according to its materials and theme design.

  • What’s the load or how many kids will be bouncing at one time?

Number of kids is important for you to choose the inflatables. Because if lots of kids will be bouncing at the bounce house, you should note the manufacturers, and they will use the thicker PVC tarpaulin to add the weight.

  • How durable is the bounce house?

This is one of the most vital questions. Everyone wants to buy a durable and quality inflatable. So when you choosing an inflatable, check it carefully. Generally speaking, most of the inflatables could be use about one hundred thousand times, if keep maintaining, the lifespan will be extend.