Repair Tips ——The Inflatable Swimming Pool

No matter how hard the inflatable material is, accident always exist.

Inflatable swimming pool from Beston

Different Kinds Of Inflatable Swimming Pools

Here are some tips for you:

  • Drained the inflatable swimming pool, and open the valve to deflate the pool, and then clean the inside of the inflatable swimming pool.
  • Get a piece of patches which is 3 times larger than the damaged area and then crop it into a round shape.
  • Bottom rubber processing. Clean the damaged area and the patches, and spread glue over the cleaning area evenly. Wait until it is dry or you can dry it with a blower drier.
  •  Refill glue processing. Spread glue over the cleaning area evenly as the last step, and dry it.
  • Put the patches on the repair area, joint the patches with cleaning area slowly, and flatten it. Please be attention: Bubbles should be avoid when you paste, or else you will completely ruins all of your efforts.
  • At last, put the inflatable swimming pool on the ground flatly and press it with some heavy things for more than 24 hours.
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